Goddess Randi Cucks Her Slaves

Goddess Randi loves to cuckold Her slaves. She’s so hot She has many such slaves falling over themselves to be used by Goddess Randi and Her boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day for slaves
I almost forgot about this clip! Me n My boyfriend shot this on Valentines Day…gawd, that must be SUCH a lonely depressing holiday for SLAVES. LOL. Not to mention CUCKED slaves! One of Mine (My cuck-slaves) comes crawling in to pathetically BEG right in front of My boyfriend one last time for Me to show him ANY love or affection whatsoever on Valentines Day…(this is after I informed it that it would be taking Me n My BF out to dinner later and PAYING for Our date- LOL!)

What do I do? I LAUGH RIGHT IN ITS FUCKING FACE!!! LOL!!! Of course, I tease it a little before that just to play with its emotions, but…I do end up laughing in its face.

Then to humiliate the loser even MORE, I drop it’s pathetic heart-shaped chocolate (which was all it could afford since it was saving every penny to pay for Our date! LOL!) on the floor and STEP on it…grinding it into the floor while Me n My boyfriend laugh at it. I thought this was SO appropriate- stepping on the slave’s “heart” and crushing it underfoot…lol.

Pay For Me and My Boyfriends Dates!
This is actually a true story from MY fabulous real life. I use losers like you to pay for Me n My BF’s DATES! LOL. Yeah, that’s right. And My BF thinks it’s HILARIOUS! We laugh our asses off as we are making out in the booth at a fancy restaurant and joking about how some loser out in the car is paying for OUR filet mignon and lobster as we run up a nice tab…LOL!

And to make it even better, I usually make the loser that drives us PAY ME BY THE HOUR for the time I allow him to serve us! HAHAHA!!! So not only does he have to come in & pay our tab the second I text him, but he ALSO has to pay Me HOURLY for all the time he is just WAITING for us out in the car! Oh, and don’t worry, Me an My BF always take our good, sweet time having a few glasses of wine after dinner and counting up the $$$ we are making off that loser as we enjoy each others company! 😉