Wife Getting Ready For Her Date

hotwife getting ready for her date

This classic hotwife/cuckold scenario is a total mindfuck. The cuck watching his beautiful wife getting ready for her date. The mental side of this often puts the cuck in turmoil. He loves his wife dearly and of course he wants her to be happy, and what makes your wife happier than going out fucking her huge dicked lover? But very often the cuck will get jealous, because he doesn’t get to fuck his wife very often these days. This is one of the things that can test a female-led cuckold relationship right from the start.


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Sweet Cuckold Relationship

cuckold mistress pov

Mistress T is your beautiful,dominant wife who has turned you into a sweet cuckold, which is the way nature intended you to be. Here she describes how much of a loving husband you are. You help her prepare for all of her dates, including using your small penis to warm up her pussy. Of course being a cucky means you don’t get to cum inside her, that honor is for her real man boyfriends.

When she comes home later that evening, shes going to have some very messy panties and a cum filled pussy that someone will have to clean up. Can you guess who that’s going to be?

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Cock Sucking Cuckold POV


Gigi your gorgeous wife has wasted no time in turning you into her cuckold. Of course normally when she’s fucking her boyfriends she keeps you in the closet, so that you can watch her getting drilled by all the big cocked men she has over. She loves to show off their huge cocks. So much better than yours. They fill her pussy full of thick creamy alpha male cum. And someone is going to have to clean all of that mess up. Yes Cucky?

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Mistress decided to show you what a big cock looks like. This is the 9 inch cock of her Bull, which puts your tiny pathetic penis well and truly in the shade. She gives her bull a nice long handjob/titjob and of course it produces a huge amount of Alpha Male Cum. This is the cock that your Mistress is going to fuck while you’re tied up and cock-locked under the bed listening to her have orgasms.

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Mistress T – Queen Of The Cuckolds

mistress T cuckold fuck

Mistress T loves Big Black Cock and who can blame her. Even you the cuckold can appreciate the stronger physique and huge cock of a real man. Especially when you compare yourself to him. Mistress T of course needs no introduction. She’s the sexiest milf with the filthiest mind and her site is simply Cuckold Heaven.

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